I am a second-year aeronautical engineering student at the University of Limerick, My aim is to work alongside professionals in the industry to gain experience and to begin my professional career as an aerospace engineer. 

I am currently seeking an internship for the period of June 2018 to January 2019 and invite you to look at my resume to determine my suitability for an internship position at your organisation. 

Photo by Ghenadie/iStock / Getty Images


Recent Projects

• Leading a team in the design of a miniature electric vehicle, determining the ideal gear ratio and wheel diameter for maximum traction and to ensure structural integrity whilst minimizing manufacturing time and waste material.

• Designing and testing a miniature F1® car, using CAD and CFD, for the F1 in Schools World Finals in collaboration with students from Ireland and Australia using remote project management software and group cloud storage for data/file sharing.

• Volunteering as an engineering judge to share my experience with younger students in the Irish F1 in Schools Finals.

• Coursework such as, testing procedures, data analysis, presentation and technical report writing (using LaTex and Matlab).

• Communicating with customers and management during employment at Apple in customer facing roles that required problem solving and effective collaboration under strict time constraints.

• Representing my faith and heritage as a committee member in the UL Islamic Society by organizing events that promote healthy dialogue and integration between members of all beliefs and ethnic groups.